Waist Trainers

Buy Waist Trainers to Get Your Desired Body Shape

Do you want to flaunt your curves in a figure-hugging dress? You can achieve an hour-glass body shape with our waist trainers. Shaperix is a leading waist trainer online shop for women who are conscious of their figure and looks.

We have a variety that includes a high waist trainer corset, slimming waist belt, and waist trainer laced shorts. Buy waist trainers for gyming, workout sessions and to wear under your wedding gowns or dresses on the special days of your life.


1. What’s the material of the waist trainer?
Most waist trainers are made of polyester and spandex, giving it a silky, smooth texture. It improves flexibility, making it easy-to-wear all day long.

2. Is it okay to wear it every day?
Every second woman has this question in mind. It is absolutely your choice. There’s no harm in wearing a waist trainer every day. It simply depends on the level of comfort you want and the size you choose.

3. Do you have a waist trainer belt?
Yes, we do have. Our slimming waist trainer belt is an excellent choice for shaping your waist. This belt has 3 velcro straps that hold the belt properly. It supports elasticity so you can stretch it as much as you want.

4. What are the benefits of buying a waist trainer?
There are several perks of buying a waist trainer. Whether you want to show off your silhouette or maintain a healthy body posture while working for long hours in the office, it is a smart investment to make.

Even new moms can wear these belts to keep their figure in shape and tighten the loose skin.

5. Which is the ideal waist trainer size for 32' waist?
Your ideal size will be between “L” to “XL” at Shaperix. For women, who wear tight-hugging clothes, L size is perfect. If you’re looking for more comfort and flexibility, then XL is an ideal purchase. To get clear information on the ideal size, check our size chart.

6. I am overweight, so can I wear a small waist trainer?
We don’t advise plus size or overweight women to wear a small waist trainer. It can restrict your breathing process, causing nausea, dizzy spells & more. Consider a small waist trainer once you start to lose weight.

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