Butt & Hip Pads

Best Hip Shaper Pads For Women

Shaperix is an exclusive brand providing a great variety of hip shaper pads for women globally. We offer the best butt pads at a reasonable cost in the market.

You get a number of options and flexibility while using these hip shapers— pad and non-pad, different lengths, and a lot more.

Our hips and bum shaper pads tone your thighs, shape your butt, and enhance your natural curves in no time.


1. What is the ideal size for a pear-shaped body?
A pear-shaped body has wide hips less than bust and broad shoulders. If you’re looking for hip shaper pads, then “L” and “XL” is the size that you need. You can check our size chart to pick the right size for yourself.

2. What's the material of hip shaper pads?
They are made of premium quality polyester and spandex fabric. It gives you a great level of comfort and flexibility to move around. No matter whether you want to use shaping pads on a daily basis or occasionally, you can detach your pads whenever you want.

3. Can I wear it under tight jeans?
Yes, you can. Our hip shaper pads are very lightweight, thin, and soft that allows your jeans to set flawlessly. These pads are unnoticeable under the jeans. It will enhance and contour your butt and thighs quickly, making it curvier and sexier.

4. Are these pads stretchable?
They are stretchable, comfortable, and easy-to-wear. No matter whether you’re of plus size or extremely thin, we offer the best butt pads in the market. Now flaunt your curves, contour your thighs and tummy with our collection.

5. What color and length options do you offer?
All our hip shaper pads are available in three shades— beige, nude, and black. These are universal colors that can be worn with any outfit without being noticed. We have short and medium-length shapers, so choose wisely as per your needs.

6. Does it help in toning the body?
These hip shaper pads are known for instant results. You can wear them at parties, events, weddings or in the office. But wearing it day and night expecting that it would reduce fat is not medically proven yet.

For any product-related information, get in touch with our team at support@shaperix.com or fill out the form.