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Best Butt Lifters for Women

Get that curvy, toned, and perfectly shaped butts with our high-quality butt lifter collection. Our butt lifter has a unique construction that suits every size including plus size women.

Whether you have a curved body or want to show off a bouncy bump, shop the best butt lifters at Shaperix.

Butt lifters contour and enhance your body’s natural shape seamlessly.


1. What is the right size for my body shape?
It differs from client to client. Every body shape is different. In case, you have a small waist, but wider butts, then the “M” size is ideal. But if you have a small waist and small butts, then go for “S”. We offer sizes from small to 6XL. Check the size chart.

2. What kind of variety do you have in butt lifters?
At Shaperix, we have medium, high-waist, and normal size butt lifters and body shapers uniquely constructed for every woman. We aim to meet the needs of women by offering a variety of sizes and designs.

3. Can I wear a butt lifter every day or occasionally?
It’s your choice. You can wear our butt lifters on a daily basis without compromising on your comfort if you pick the right size. Our firm control body sculptors and lifters are made of bamboo fiber that gives it a soft, silky touch.

These pieces are designed beautifully with laces to seamlessly blend in with whatever you wear— skimming dresses, shorts, pants & more.

4. Is it visible under sunlight?
Not at all. Our butt lifters are available in nude, beige & black shade that seamlessly blend with any dress you wear. If you’re wearing a high waist body sculpting with a backless dress, then it might pop out. So choose carefully according to your needs and comfort level.

5. Does it provide full coverage?
Yes, it does. All our butt lifters provide full coverage, making your bump look bouncy and curves sexy quickly without being uncomfortable at any point.

6. Is it okay to wear it while gyming?
It is absolutely your choice. We recommend you wear a waist trainer rather than butt lifters. It is more effective for gyming as it helps you tuck in the tummy, waist, and butts altogether.

Butt lifters may create confusion when you actually want to know the results of your workout.

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